Preliminary Submission

Submission Deadline: 2 Aug 2019, Friday (23:59 hr)

I. What to Submit?

i) Link to Demo Video (Place video in sharing platforms like Dropbox and share the link with us.)

– Please see sample video here

– Produce a 5 minute video of your presentation on your project:

  • Theme given to the team
  • Problem statement
  • Proposed solution
  • Demo of Prototype of the mobile application

ii) A2 size poster (Submit PowerPoint slide of A2 size)

– Describe the Problem Statement, Proposed Mobile Application Solution, Impact of solution and Targeted outcome.

Sample Posters from icode 2017
Creating an A2 PowerPoint

II. Where to Submit?

  • Submission Closed.


i) Must I use AppInventor?

The focus of this competition is on the Creativity, Novelty, Practicality and Impact of the proposed solution rather than technical skills of the participants. As such we would appreciate solutions to be coded in AppInventor for a level playing field.

ii) Does my team need to showcase our works at the POSB PAssion Run For Kids carnival on 15 Sep 2019?

Top teams and selected finalists will need to showcase their works at the POSB PAssion Run For Kids carnival on 15 Sep 2019.