Tell Stories With Data!


1. Go to SingStat Table Builder

2. Under Economy, select “National Accounts” -> “Gross Domestic Product” -> “Gross Domestic Product At Current Prices, By Industry (SSIC 2015 Version 2018), Annual” (3rd from the top)

3. Select Continue.

4. Under the variable, only select “GDP At Current Market Prices” Under the time, deselect all then select year “2010-2020” (Hint: To do so, click on year 2010, then hold the shift key and select 2020) and click on create

5. Under compute, select Division by 10N

  1. Click on the “GDP At Current Market Prices”.
    Change label to Billion
    Select from the dropdown “divide by” and choose 1,000 and Click OK

7. Change to 1 Decimal place

8. Click on the chart

9. Select Vertical Bar under Chart Type

10. Make the following changes under Properties and click OK

U axis label: Billion $
Y Interval: 200.0
Show all values: Check
Height(pixel): 500
Legend colour: Blue

11. Export Chart as JPG

12. Click on Home Tab

13. Under “Trade & investment”, select “Foreign Direct Investment” then select “Foreign Direct Investment In Singapore By Industry (Stock As At Year-End), Annual” (3rd from the top) and click Continue.

14. Under Variable 1, click on Manufacturing to deselct all other industries.

Hold the ctrl key and add to the selection of the rest of the industries listed below.

Construction, Wholesale & Retail Trade, Accommodation & Food services, Transportation & storage, Information & communications, Finance & Insurance, Real Estate, Professional and Administrative & Support Services and Others.

Under Time variable, click on 2019 to only select that year and Click Create.

15. In the display, click on custom sort.

16. Select 2019 and choose to sort from largest to smallest. Click ok

17. Under compute, select Division by 10N

18. Select all Variables, change to billions and Divide by 1,000.

19. Select 1 Decimal Place.

20. Export file as xlsx

21. Click on Home Tab

22. Under Economy, select “Labour, employment, Wages and Productivity” -> “Wages and Income from work” -> “Gross Monthly income from Work (including employer CPF) or full- time employed residents, Annual” (2nd from bottom)

23. Select 2010-2020

24. Click Chart and select line graph.

25. Under Properties of Chart Customisation, make the following changes

26. Export file as JPG



27. Go to DesignCap, select login and log in using your gmail account.

28. Click “Get started Now”

29. Search for AI Technology Patent Report 2019, hover mouse over the template and Click Customize

30. Under upload tab at the side panel, upload your images which you had saved earlier.

31. Follow instructions to Edit the infographics to look like the image below

32. Save/download your infographic.